Cut the Cake, the monthly celebration at Compare


The other day I attended an HR Summit and during networking we shared details about the employee engagement initiatives we adopt at our organizations. During the course of discussion when I talked about the activities and initiatives at Compare, the idea of ‘Cut The Cake’ celebration caught everyone’s attention.

Compare has always been honoring its people in more than one ways. But the ‘Cut The Cake’ is the most awaited event of the month. This celebration started way back in 2009; the idea was to have a get-together every month beyond the sphere of work to enjoy each other’s company. Over the years we have made some changes in the format of the celebrations but the central theme has been the same. It has always been an occasion to come together and celebrate. It is that time of the month when individuals feel special. The team members who celebrated their birthday in the month; cut the cake, the contributions of all those who completed more than 3 years in the month is acknowledged. There are fun one minute games, dumb charade, tongue twisters and celebrity quizzes. During this hour, we all shed our inhibitions, work stress and deadline duress. Our Directors, CEO, Sr. Management and entire team Compare comes together as one, to share moments of fun and get relaxed.

There have been some latest additions to the celebration which has lifted everyone’s spirit. Now we also get to try our luck with the ‘Chair Lottery’; as we have a draw of names for 4 lucky winners every month. And the recently celebrated 71st ‘Cut The Cake’ saw the addition of another flavor. It is about the freshly initiated project which goes by the name ‘Appreciation at Workplace’ and during the cake cutting celebration we invited the winners to share their reaction when they got the surprise thank you note. The moments well spent brings a smile on everyone’s face at day end and so does the flavorsome snacks served after the event.

Yes, amongst the many big and small positive activities we carry out for employee engagement; ‘Cut The Cake’ takes the cake.


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Keeping it small, keeping it healthy…


Last week, I came across an interesting article about how an organization can take lessons from mother nature especially in terms of size and constraints. Reading through it made me realize that our organization had indeed taken a wise decision some years ago, a decision which at that point had been a very difficult one to make. It was the decision to ‘keep it small yet profitable’.

The initial days following the execution of this decision were tough: there was a lot of bad word in spite of the best of efforts and help extended to ensure minimal discomfort. But then the process of resizing is never easy and never without pain. We bled, we were hurt but we bounced back.

True there are not too many of us on the Company rolls now, 120 to be precise, but then it is a conscious call. We understand that surviving in the industry we operate in and the business model that we have adopted requires a lot of agility and we are up for the challenge.

We are now at a size which ensures adequate oxygen supply to all vital parts of the organization and that it stays in the pink of health. We are operating under some constraints which we are well aware of but trying to expand despite those constraints would bring in a new set of constraints, which the organizational DNA might not be able to support.

Say, for instance, if we do decide to grow beyond this size, the growth has to be proportional.  We cannot keep on adding more numbers to the organizational torso as that would put unbearable stress on its legs and the organization would crush under its own size and weight.

Compare has its own unique DNA and soul; we too have aspirations but it is just our approach which is different. Just like mother nature which ensures that every living being is endowed with qualities to assure its survival according to its size and constraints.

Yes, we are small in size now but you know what, we want to keep it that way and focus on the overall health of the organization.

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