worksheet : a performance and productivity measurement tool

“How do you measure your productivity?” This is a very often question. People ask us it many times. Like many other IT organizations we have our own quantitative parameters to measure our productivity. And when asked “How do you get data to test your parameters?” our answer is WORKSHEET.

WORKSHEET is a very easy and smart tool developed by our In-House development team to measure and tracks the employee performance, productivity, costing and human resource analysis. The tool is more like an MIS that provides much useful information to Management regarding productivity and performance.

Compare Infobase is a performance based company and we believe that productivity is directly proportional to performance. The tools like WORKSHEET helps us to strong our objectives.

The use of this tool is very simple. Our employees have to fill their entries in software -WORKSHEET .That software is entirely connected with our internal management systems like HR, Finance and Attendance. With the help of all integrated systems WORKSHEET provides relevant and useful reports to Management.

WORKSHEET has finished its one month of implementation successfully. And the data and analytical reports are very significant. In the first month of its implementation we get 98% user accessibility. While the data accuracy is around 80% , that we are committed to take up to 95% in May.

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