compare infobase enters in iphone world

This time we are bringing in your notice that “Compare Infobase has successfully entered in iPhone world”.  We have successfully developed three iPhone products that are approved by Apple and hosted in iTunes.

As the users of iPhone are growing now even in India, we realized that we can provide better products and services to  iPhones users by our rich internet experience. Keeping this thing our mind we started working on products for iPhone services. We developed social media clients (twitter, twitsnaps ) as well as mapping solutions (mapsofindia, mapsofworld) for iPhone. These are hosted in iTunes and you can easily download from there. Our all iPhone products are free of cost 🙂 .

Since, the world of internet is changing rapidly and the usage of mobile internet increasing very fast, compare infobase is closely observing this scenario. Our research and development team has started working on this. We have successfully developed some blackberry and other mobile applications for internet. We will elaborate all these development in our future posts.

You can download our products from the following links

TwitSnaps (An application for tweeting and photo sharing on twitter)

MapsofIndia iPhone Application 1.0

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  1. #1 by Harleen Kaur on May 13, 2010 - 12:34 pm

    New initiative of organizing Social Media breakfasts is great. Sitting over a cup of coffee and sharing thoughts/experiences candidly, the whole idea really excites me. Way to go 🙂

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