Compare Infobase Creates Server User Group

To keep our internal operations smooth and transparent compare infobase has created a core user group for server’s management. The group is known by “Server User Group”. The group sits together every second and fourth Monday where the group members discuss the problems and new things related to servers.

Since we are in website development and the role of servers are very important for us. With the changes of technology and internet trends we need to keep update ourselves. Keeping this thing in concern we came with an idea of such a user group where the representatives from different divisions of organization come and put their points on the discussion table.

We are going ahead with many new solutions in servers. Sometimes they are for need and sometimes research purposes. The user group creates a timeframe for the things that are to be done to monitor the server operations and ensures the participation concerning departments.

Apart from routine discussions the server group also plays a role of a watch dog in cutting edge server technologies and finds the possibilities to bring them in our organization in a feasible manner.

FTP Management, Backup and Restore, Drupal and CMS issues solution, Cloud Computing, Mail Traffic Problems Solution, Server Dashboard, and Website Hygiene Plan are some of the steps that are the outcome of this server user group.

These are the members of server user group-

Mr Simarprit Singh
Mr Sharad Poddar
Mr Manvindar Singh
Mr Kaushik Pal
Mr Deepak Gupta (Coordinator)
Ms Usha V Sagar
Ms Neerja Bhaskar
Mr Hitesh Mathpal
Mr Komal Arora
Mr Manish Chowdhary
Ms Swati Arora
Mr Mohsin
Mr Prashanta


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