Compare Infobase Uses PHP as main development language

PHP is the most popular and accepted language in web development. Most of the websites are developed in PHP now. PHP is easy to learn and implement and many open sources are available in PHP that can easily be customized.

In Compare Infobase 90% of our development work goes in PHP. We were among those few organizations who acquired PHP in its childhood days (Around 2001).

Now all our new project development works are going in PHP only. All our research and development work and many of our client projects are being developed in PHP. In PHP we always keep the trends. Like MVC, CMS and other open sources. Currently we are using DRUPAL as CMS, that is in PHP itself for all our content related websites. In some of our projects we are using JOOMLA and WordPress too. They are also open source CMS and developed in PHP.

In basic website development we use Codegniter or Cake as an MVC framework for PHP. In some of our projects we also develop our own customized libraries in PHP. We are also working in some Customized CRM solutions developed with our PHP libraries.

These are some PHP products that we use for our development

MVC ā€“ CAKE, Codegniter
Libraries- GD Library, SOAP, CURL, WebServices
API- Twitter, Facebook, Google Zend Data API (Picasa,Youtube,Webmaster etc ), Flickr PHP API,
Other- Client Server Architecture (Server side for iPhone,BlackBerry and other Mobile Clients)


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