Cut The Cake In Compare Infobase (May 2010)

CUT THE CAKE: In Compare, every month ends with a small get together to celebrate the birthdays of the colleagues falling in the same month. This MAY, the B’day CAP was donned by:
Neha Kulwal, Krishan Pal, Avinash, Arun Lohan and Jai Bhagwan

Since, Neha and Krishan Pal were the only ones present, so they did the honor of cutting the tempting and mouthwatering ‘Chocolate Cream Cake’

The event witnessed colleagues sharing experiences and undisclosed facts about the people in limelight. There were jokes and some leg-pulling on a lighter note. Simar shared with us that till date Neha is on the edge of the seat whenever she comes to meet him and he is always scared that she might fall off anytime.

About Krishan Pal, Sharad commented that he is the only one who knows the entire wiring of the building and like a doctor can find the fault and rectify after checking the pulse.

The ceremony ended with everyone helping themselves with light snacks, Breadpakora and Cold Drinks. All in all it was a successful event and we look forward for June celebration.

Cut The Cake

Cut The Cake

The blog was written by Sangeeta Sharma and Shubhangi Gupta (HR Team) of Compare Infobase Limited

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