Seventh Social Media Breakfast with TwitSnaps and Compare Infobase

Bingo!!! Keeping up the same Spirit Compare Infobase organized its 7th Social Media Breakfast.
This has now become the part of everybody’s Friday morning to have a healthy discussion with the healthy Breakfast. organized this 7th meetup at Mc Donalds Janakpuri and the topic for the day was “How to optimize Facebook for your business”

Putting up some light on SMB topic , Hitesh initiated the discussion and talked about the 3 important tools of Facebook used for promotions which are ‘Facebook connect’, ‘Fan page’ and ‘Facebook profile badges “

Puneet came up with the very important point of facebook ads as how it targets the local customers, it tells about the segments and also how facebook show its viral marketing effect and the viral spread of shared links into news feeds.

Shubhangi said having a Facebook fan page is an integral part of establishing your own brand and presence within the social networks, so it’s a need for every business to have presence on Facebook.

Sangeeta explained user experiences with facebook promotion tools.

Neha discussed that we can optimize our fan page by giving them some visuals, entertainment and by identifying the goal of the page. One should make an appealing profile that includes all the relevant information and thereby when she shared the information on her personal page made a difference to her project called

Ramesh discussed about some technologies of using frames and java scripts which can make difference to the size of the picture or comment uploading time in facebook

Ashutosh explained that how facebook fan page helps a business to spread word among masses in real-time and number of fans keeps on increasing with time.

Kaushik Pal explained the usage of facebook ads for small scale enterprises; he also shared his experiences of google ads and compared them with the facebook ads.

Komal and Sandeep explained the technical tools especially regarding facebook login. Sandeep added that how facebook login can be used as a secured login tool for websites.

Anushka and Daman was asking about facebook tools implementations for websites, and we hope that SMB group was successful to give them satisfactory answers.

At last our new guest Mr Sharad Poddar concluded the meeting with a valid point of formal documentation of the discussions. We are going to spread the documentation to our group members soon in an appropriate format.

In the end everybody decided to make a fan page on Social Media Breakfast as well! 🙂

The blog is written by Neha Kulwal and edited by Hitesh Mathpal , SMB Group members from Compare Infobase Ltd

  1. #1 by Ashutosh Pandey on June 11, 2010 - 6:59 am

    A got an insight towards using facebook for promotion of business. The discussion was really interesting and knowledgeable. I came to know various new things and tools of facebook and now will work towards optimizing them. Thanks to #SMBTS and Twitsnaps

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