Compare Infobase in Twitter Application World

As twitter is becoming the leader in web2.0 world, compare infobase kept its eye in open all its phases. Compare Infobase is the only company in India which developed most of the twitter related products. We have developed twitter applications for all kinds of channels like web,mobile,blackberry or iPhone.

Some of our twitter based applications are-

TwitSnaps is one of the leading photosharing application in twitter world. TwitSnaps is accessible by all medium like web or mobile. TwitSnaps is accessible from mobile,blackberry and iPhone.

TweeCT is a twitter based application which categorizes its user according to the cities they belong.

To find a suitable hotel in any country , you can use tweehotels as a tool in twitter.

To get the exact information regarding flights tweeflights is a very suitable tool.

TwitSnaps iPhone 1.0
With this application user can use twitter from iPhone. They can use twitsnaps as a photosharing tool with this twitter client.
This is a short URL service.From there you can short your URL and tweet them too.

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  1. #1 by Kaushik Pal on June 15, 2010 - 3:07 am

    Incredibly good initiatives … ahead of its time … keep innovating @ Tech team @infobase

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