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Compare Infobase in Twitter Application World

As twitter is becoming the leader in web2.0 world, compare infobase kept its eye in open all its phases. Compare Infobase is the only company in India which developed most of the twitter related products. We have developed twitter applications for all kinds of channels like web,mobile,blackberry or iPhone.

Some of our twitter based applications are-

TwitSnaps is one of the leading photosharing application in twitter world. TwitSnaps is accessible by all medium like web or mobile. TwitSnaps is accessible from mobile,blackberry and iPhone.

TweeCT is a twitter based application which categorizes its user according to the cities they belong.

To find a suitable hotel in any country , you can use tweehotels as a tool in twitter.

To get the exact information regarding flights tweeflights is a very suitable tool.

TwitSnaps iPhone 1.0
With this application user can use twitter from iPhone. They can use twitsnaps as a photosharing tool with this twitter client.
This is a short URL service.From there you can short your URL and tweet them too.

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Kolkata and Twitter the melody continues with Compare Infobase

Kolkata’s position on the Twitter map is gradually getting prominent. Compare Infobase has been very active in this regard. When a tweet up was successfully hosted in the city on June 21, 2009, we covered the incident in Headlinesindia, Kolkatans love to tweet, Twitter members meet for the second time.

On March 25, 2010, the Twestival happened in the city. It was an event which brought the Twitter community in the city for a social cause. Compare Infobase actively participated in the event and Twitsnaps was the official sponsor for Twestivalkol as the event got popularly known. Kolkata was getting popular on Twitter or Twitter was getting popular in the city- it seems both the aspects hold ground.

Compare Infobase decided to bring more popularity to this social networking site in the city. As far as Twitter is concerned we wanted it to have a place of prominence. The reason India Twitter Conference (IndiaTC) was hosted by Compare Infobase in the city. This was the second chapter of the event the 1st one was held at Delhi. IndiaTC at Kolkata saw some lively discussion on the topic “Can Twitter change the way India works”. There was knowledge sharing, active discussion, good food and of course networking. Media coverage of the event was done by Newstime, the Bengali news channel as well as by Headlinesindia.

The ball has started to roll. Twitter bird has started chirping in the city. We look forward to making it sing more in the city in future.:)

Some of the pictures of Kolkata twitter meets and indiaTC are-

IndiaTC Kolkata

The blog is written by Shilpa Srivastava from Compare Infobase, Kolkata

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