10th Social Media Breakfast

Cheers !!! To “Social Media Breakfast Meetup”

At Sagar Ratna, Janakpuri-Delhi Twitsnaps hosted 10th Social media breakfast meetup. Topic of discussion was “Twitter for Business”

Who Attended: Simparprot singh, Manvinder Singh, Kaushik Pal, Hitesh Mathpal, Ashutosh Pandey,Neha Kulwal, Harleen kaur, Puneet Bajaj, Sangeeta, Shubhangi, Khusbu,Santosh, Daman Anand

10th Social media Breakfast meetup started today in the morning at sagar ratna Janakpuri Delhi over “Twitter for Business”

As the topic was “Twitter for Business” everyone was excited to know about it. Simarprit started the discussion with saying that twitter has changed the way of relationship marketing. Not only internet companies but also non-internet companies are using twitter to promote their business. He also emphasized on twitter search as a tool to optimize your business.

Hitesh talked about that how one could optimize Geo-location tool to optimize local results. Where as mani contradicted his points and said that one need to look after the options to find out local customers and then need to optimize results for business. He also told that Business objective definition is critical.

Ashutosh explained the concept of promoted tweets that twitter has opted to generate business and companies like starbucks are optimizing this type of advertisement through twitter whereas twitter is looking for the ways to optimize this technology to optimize their business.

Mean while Daman was very interested and asking questions about twitter for business and about Geo-location. Puneet shred his view regarding the same and emphasized that twitter has provided the flexibility to users and said that Twitter for business is going through transition.

Kaushik pal also shared his views on twitter for business and shared some real life examples and told how he optimized twitter for his online business and maintained a relationship with his clients.Neha ,Harleen, Khusbu,Santosh were very keened to know how they could optimize twitter for business for their projects. We also had some lights moments while discussing the topic as mani said that there is a life beyond twitter and everyone laughed enjoying their breakfast at Sagar Ratna.

Cheers to SMBTS 🙂

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