Best Social Media Case Studies – 12th Social Media Breakfast

And it was the 12th Social Media Breakfast on 16th july 2010 !
The topic was – “Best Social Media Practices and Case Studies”. The topic was very exciting and a good scope of research for social media geeks of SMB group.

Topic started by Kaushik, he explained his expectations from this SMB and gave the example of STARBUCKS. Yeah, the start up couldn’t be better then this.

The discussion was taken by Puneet in a different shape when he pointed the examples of DELL. It was a very good example of customer satisfaction and social media marketing.

We ordered yummy south Indian meal in between.

Hitesh , pointed on small business promotion by twitter having the bites of DAHI BADA. He told about the movie promotions done by bollywood actors on twitter and facebook too.

Simar , a twitter geek , explained the usage of twitter and gray shades of facebook. He wave several examples of his own incubation which are doing great by the help of twitter like headlinesindia and twitsnaps.

Though, the environment became little hot when some facebook loyalists became disagree with Simar in a leadership of Neerja.

Finally , the conclusion was made that twitter is wide and facebook is close. (though the disagreements are still there)

Harbinder Mehara a new mwmber of SMB , gave some case studies of US and India academic institutes , those who are using social media for there promotion.

Sangeeta and Shubhangi added views with their experience of using twitter and facebook.

It was a great SMB overall. New learning , new thoughts and new ideas. Are you joining the next one?

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