15th SMBTS – Role of Media sharing in Social Media

Cheers !!! To “Social Media Breakfast Meetup”

At Sagar Ratna,Janakpuri-Delhi Twitsnaps hosted 15th Social media breakfast meetup. Topic of discussion was “Role of media sharing in social media”

Who Attended: Simarprit singh,Neerja, Hitesh Mathpal,Kaushik Pal, Ashutosh Pandey,Neha Kulwal, Daman Anand, Harvinder Singh, Raphael Dalle.

Hitesh started the topic throwing some light on social media platforms and media sharing through them.He told it is growing and evolution in technology is helping it to grow fast.
Simar addressed that the no of users in social media sites are growing so fast and the changing thinking towards life is provoking not even youths as well as each person to be active on youtube,Flickr,Slideshare,Twitter,Twitpic and Twitsnaps.People like to share where they are and what they are doing among their friends and others.

Members were asking questions to simar that how media sharing could be helpful in increasing traffic on a particular site and so is the revenue part. simar answered them that you need to be active on social media platforms and must use the search algorithm to find out the trends and right people to talk about your products/concept and then see the magic.

Meanwhile we ordered our breakfast and enjoyed it a lot and discussion moved on to some technology part.Hitesh told how changing technology is helpful and affecting social media platforms like Twitter and facebook.He told that they get more than 50% of traffic from third party application and vice-versa. Members asked question during enjoying their breakfast and get their answer by the other members of #SMBTS.
The discussion was very insightful and i am sure that everybody has got a chance to learn more on Social media.
Cheers to SMBTS. 🙂

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