And its 14th Social Media Breakfast on Social Media and SEO Integration

Cheers !!! To “Social Media Breakfast Meetup”

At Sagar Ratna,Janakpuri-Delhi Twitsnaps hosted 14th Social media breakfast meetup. Topic of discussion was “Social Media and SEO integration”

Who Attended: Simarprit singh,Mani, Hitesh Mathpal,Kaushik Pal, Khushbu, Ashutosh Pandey,Puneet Bajaj,Daman Anand, Harvinder Singh.

Hitesh Started the topic “Social Media and SEO integration”.He shared that this is the need of our for companies having business of internet marketing as it helps in getting more traffic and earn revenue.

Kaushik shared his view supported with some practical examples.Ha shared the example of compare infobase ltd. which has optimized smo with seo very well and getting profit out of it by investing very less.

Simarp started with an example that how google is crawling the real time results (e.g. tweets with hashtag) and this has generated many new keywords. He also said that SMO integration with SEO has become the need of the hour to be available in the top results of google.

Whereas Mani said that result of SMO integration with SEO varies with the degree of involvement and purpose.He said that by SMO the traffic come to a website is not big in numbers.Hence if one is planning to integrate SMO with SEO he must be clear on his/her goals.

Daman Anand asked about how it could be helpful for a flower business & simarp answered him to start a website which advice people on flowers for occasion and its uses and then start moving towards achieving the specified goal.

Puneet Bajaj said that google has not enough metrics to show the SMO results with search results.He said that they came up caffeine and they are still exploring it. Simarp contradicted this point of puneet that google do not have enough metrics and in proof he showed the real time results of tweets having the tag #SMBTS on google’s first page.

Ashutosh,Khushbu and Harvinder were listening attentively; Khushbu and harvinder asked questions regarding the technology changes and increasing presence of social networking sites whereas ashutosh was tweeting live of each persons’ point on Twitter and sharing some snaps on Twitsnaps.
Cheers to SMBTS. 🙂


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