Web 2.0 Development By Compare Infobase

Compare Infobase is working with all new and upcoming trends and cutting edge technology. We provide the best web solutions and always work towards innovative ideas.

In our Project Incubation Arm we always keep our eyes on new developments on internet and web world. We try to come with the solutions via solid research in a feasible time frame. The technologies that we have worked so far and still evolving them with different colors are web2.0 , mobile internet and social media tools.

Our major work is towards integrating web2.0 with social media. Web2.0 platforms can do magic with social media integrations , this is the thought behind our development process.

Some of the products with this concepts are-

TwitSnaps is a well known name in Twitter media sharing world. This is a robust and generic platform. This allows you , not only to upload your snaps and videos , but it also does relevant SEO and SMO for your media. This is the technical showcase of our Research and Development work. TwitSnaps is available in all mobile devices now. Like iPhone,BlackBerry, Android , Nokia, Sony, Motorola and all others.

This is going to be world’s largest web directory. This web2.0 platform allows you submit your website in a well defined and categorized framework. Here also the same philosophy works, it does SEO and SMO for the website automatically.

This is a shorten URL service that shorts your URLs in automated or customized manner. This provides you the real time tracks of your visits.

Posted By Hitesh Mathpal for teaminfobase

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