17th Social Media Breakfast By Compare Infobase

Compare Infobase hosted 17th Social Media Breakfast at Sagar Ratna , Janakpuri (West),New Delhi. This time the topic was- “Social Media Challenges and Their Impact On Business “. The topic was introduced by Hitesh with the examples of acquisition of some social gaming platforms by google. He told that Social Gaming can be utilized in a different way in Social Media.

Mani from MapXL introduced some new features related with geo locations in social networking sites. He quoted the examples of Facebook and Foresquare for the same.

The discussion moved towards mobile internet when Mani raised the point of hand held devices in social media.
This time two new members joined the group – Shantanu Katyal and Manish Shekhar.

Shantanu shared his experience of online marketing and Manish focused some business related facts that can be incorporated in Social Media.

Daman Anand, the member of Social Media from the very first day, raised some queries on mobile internet and online payments.

Social Media is changing every single day. SMB group focused on changes in this meetup. Group members were agree in a single voice that hand held devices should be considered in a larger scale to run the business with current trends.

Group members also discussed over various widgets that are useful for business. Ramesh introduced the facts that can be related with widgets and in site as well.

Youngest member in SMB

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