Celebrate Rakhi With Pictures India

What all Pictures do you see when India comes to your mind?
I see myriad colors, vigor, life and zing when I imagine India.
India – A crossroad of cultures and religions. A land of panoramic oceans, hilltops, deserts and stunning coasts. A trend setter who has gifted Bindis, Saris and Turbans to the world. The home of the seventh wonder of the world – Taj Mahal. A country that celebrates festivals with zeal and enthusiasm, whether he is young or old. Every occasion is marked by vibrant colors, music, festivities, dance and delicious delicacies. All this speaks about the country’s rich cultural and traditional backdrop.
The joys, the colors, the rituals, the food and many more has inspired Picturesindia to showcase all these in the section – “Indian Festivals”. The photos on Indian festivals reflects the cultural heritage and customs in a mesmerizing way. Further to enhance this section we have added few photos on the upcoming festivals Onamand Raksha Bandhan. The Rakhi thal, different threads of love and affection, the pookalam (floral rangoli) and more are absolutely free of cost, you can personalize and use them for various purposes.
Picturesindia.com wishes you all a very Happy Onam and Rakha Bandhan!

The blog is written by Harleen Kaur for PicturesIndia

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