August Celebrations of CUT THE CAKE

Birthday’s are always special and it is definitely an occasion to celebrate. Every last day of the month; we at Compare Infobase celebrate the ‘Cut the Cake’ ceremony for all the employees born in that month.
This 31st too we had a very enjoyable get-together and with the big Chocolate truffle cake as the guest of honor. This month the B’day Cap was donned by:
Simar, Sandeep Kumar Pandey, Sushil Kumar Sharma, Ganeesh, Hitesh, Kunal Chugh, Rohit Nandan, Rohit Thakur and Sumona & they did the honor of cutting the mouthwatering ‘Cake’
Then came the most exciting part of the get-together and that was sharing experiences and disclosing a few secrets of the people in limelight. Everyone joined in the hearty session of leg pulling of the August borns. Funny incidents, touching moments were shared which always makes one wonder and rejoice this bonding we share in the Compare family. Hitesh was praised a lot by Simar telling us about his dedication and innovative mind. Since it was Simar’s birthday too, every body had something to say about him. Starting with Neha, and then moving on to Puneet, Swati, Mohsin, Deepak, Hitesh Mani, Kaushik, and Sharad all of them shared their experiences. Kaushik shared a very funny and hilarious incident about Simar when they had visited Bangkok. And the best incident of the lot was narrated by Nivedita, she shared her experience about one of the ISO certification and audit meetings that was going on wherein the consultant wanted to know about the company’s processes & about the infrastructural setup of the organization, in response to the infrastructural setup Simar very convincingly quoted about the table which was there in front of him that even if he had jumped on it, the table would not break , so that was the kind of solid and strong infrastructural setup made and after hearing this the consultant had no further questions.

After a wonderful chit chat session the ceremony ended with everyone helping themselves with light snacks of Samosa, Cold Drinks and the cake which was cherished by everybody. We sure had a good merry making and are looking forward to the September celebrations.

Contributed by HR Dept.

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