Real time search at 18th smb by compare infobase

And this time we again came with case studies.
We discussed many case studies that are related with social media to improve our brand and business. The SMB was started by the note of Hitesh in which he requested members to focus on SOCIAL MEDIA only 🙂

Real time search engine was the biggest topic of discussion. Simar introduced this , with an example as it was launched a day before. A healthy discussion happened on the need and use of real time searches. Simar said that real time search is not in a way, in which it should. Then group members continued with their thoughts and assumption regarding this.

Real time search is really an expected step taken by Google but the credibility, usage and success are still a matter of debate that was the first level of outcome of this.

Then, group moved towards feed and making the presence of their brand on search engine for real time. It was assumed that feeds will help small websites , if they update them frequently, like comment feeds.
Hitesh, Simar, Kaushik and Mani did a big debate over the usage, creation and spreading of feeds. In between the usage of hand held devices also discussed.

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