Apple should map with Apple (19th SMB by Compare Infobase)

“How to measure and manage your social media?”
Its not easy to answer at all when you focus on measurement matrices. But the need and importance of measurement and management is very big in social media world. Keeping this thought in mind, the Social Media Breakfast Group (Delhi Chapter) brought this topic on table at Friday morning.

Puneet Bajaj , a social media geek started the discussion with the facts like Social Networking and brand building. He focused on community development and then broadcasting.

Simar, brought some interesting facts ,which he obtained from his own experience of social media surfing. He focused on x to x theory like Apple can be compared with Apples only. In social media, its very important to map your broadcasting with real audience. He also, pointed some issues with social media tools like Twitter and Facebook ,like friend suggestions.

To manage your profile, Hitesh said that one should cover all broad networks and channels at least with the presence. Like blogging,micro blogging and media sharing.

Kaushik Pal, had some basic points related with measurements ,like number of tweets with right audience can grow you in a linear fashion. Though, he also agreed with Puneet that geometrical growth is not always possible.

The group was agree that to define a real matrix for measurement is not possible. The basic thing that can be done is the identification of right audience,right time and of course right message.

Group also discussed some technical facts that can change the way Social Media works.With the changing scenario of internet user generated content like comment and forums may help you a lot. Kaushik emphasized on this with examples.

Social Media Breakfast

Social Media Breakfast

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