India Culture

The culture of India as it exists today has been shaped by its long history, geography, heritage and demography. Although a land of diverse culture, India stands in harmony with its extensive diversity. Few countries in the world are blessed with such an ancient, rich and diverse culture as India’s. As far as the Indian religions, festivals, monuments, artifacts, rituals, costumes, music, dance, language and literature are concerned; India has acquired them, grown with them and has embedded them deep in its root. The culture of India unravels the uniqueness and diversity of our land in all its spheres. Each region; South, North, East and West; has been blessed with their own distinctive traits and has carved out a niche for itself. They contribute immensely in heightening the profundity of Indian culture.

Tourists from all over the world flock to our country, to know more about India culture. Such is its popularity and inspirational essence. Although, the country is today, shrouding itself with the contemporary world of industrialization, urbanization and technological advancement, it has till not shed off its rich culture. Indian culture has been retained in all its former glory and till today, it continues to inspire and capture the hearts of millions. showcases beautiful pictures reflecting the dynamic India Culture.

Explore India and it’s wide variety of Cultures
) through these collection of images in the photo gallery of Picturesindia

Pictures India

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