Technical and Conceptual changes in Internet :21st SMB

A technology becomes old at the evening , while it was created at morning.
Yes, the impact of modern technical and conceptual changes on internet and their impact on Social Media, was the topic of our 21st Social Media Breakfast.
The group was focusing on following recent points on internet-

  • Anti Facebook – Diaspora
  • Google real time searches and Google instant searching
  • Rapid usage of hand held devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

Anti Facebook – Diaspora was a main point of discussion. It was not only in discussion for its Anti Facebook slogan, but because of the concept of private web concepts. The group discussed on-

  • Will  private web and the applications like diaspora change the way social networking work today?
  • What are the major impacts of these applications over internet and how we should deal with this.

Private web or personalized web is a conceptual thing , but it can turn the way internet works.  And, for social media its very important because it may restricted the SOCIAL word in constraints.

Android and the smartphones were the next topic of discussion. With the low costs of Android smarphones and huge acceptability, this Google product is bringing internet to user’s hand.  The low cost tablet like Samsung Galaxy can create a new market for internet application developers and social media professionals.

Group also discussed on the upcoming changes on internet usage. As , the next generation internet is bound to be cheaper the role of SMO professionals increases to be more active. Web is not all about desktop now. The coverage should be on all channels with the upcoming technology trends.

Another, important thing that group discussed was the focus on study. Study and learning are two key aspects which should be considered in a major way. Keep our eyes open for every technical and conceptual changes on web because that may change the way social media behaves.

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