Branding with Social Media – Delhi Chapter 22nd SMB

Cheers !!! To “Social Media Breakfast Meetup”

22nd SMB organized by, website owned by Compare Infobase. This time we discussed a very interesting topic “Social Media Strategies for Branding”.

Following points were discussed:
Today any brand on Social Media is “naked“as it can have a threat of negative publicity. Any negative comment spreads like a viral in Social Media.
One should have the right Social media platform for its product. For a picture site one should look for picture related platform like flicker, tumbler etc. and for quick updates and short updates Twitter can be best for branding your product.
There should be consistency on what you say on Social Media, be clear with the objective of whatever you say about your product on Social Media.
Encourage brand evangelizers to promote brand and ensure against brand hijacking by monitoring social media content of the users.
Blog is again an important Social Media tool to build awareness about your brand.
Engagement is very important in building good brand image on Social Media Platforms. We can engage our customers by giving discount offers or related contests.
Big Brands are hardly on Social Media as they have threat of negative publicity and thereby can spoil the brand image.

In conclusion Branding is about creating an image in the minds of customer and through social media we can do by being consistent, engaging the loyal followers and monitoring the users comment by replying them and giving them reasons to participate.

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