Sensationalism in Social Media -23rd SMB

Cheers !!! To “Social Media Breakfast Meetup” Which has become the part of life every Friday.

This was Compare Infobase Ltd‘s 23rd SMB and the sensational topic was “Sensationalism in Social Media”

Following points which were discussed:

  • Negative sensationalism travels faster with greater impact
  • Sensationalism needs meat or plot, should touch the human psychology, needs to be strategized and marketed well by an Ad Manager (as it can backfire too), needs good staging, has to be consistent.
  • There needs to be a plot – whether +ve or –ve
  • Examples of Sensationalism for business are far and few and it is big challenge for a business owner to use it for his business.
  • News segment – thrives on creating sensationalism
  • Sensationalism is also about playing with the human psychology, sensitizing the thoughts and follow up action.
  • Sensationalism may not always be about blood. It can be of pure simple components but a driving thought / plot.
  • Few viral that get millions of viewership maybe a simple video that creates an inquisitive perspective

We also discussed an example of Sensationalism which worked good for Chetan Bhagat’s project of Five Point Someone that touched the sentiments of his fans, evoked emotional support, sold additional copies of his book and the movie too did good business. It all got initiated on the Social Media when CB tweeted that his mother was in tears at the end of the movie not to find the credentials of his son; CB repeatedly used Twitter and Blogs to provide update to his fan following on the subject.

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