24th Social Media Breakfast.. “Context is the king in Social Media” -Delhi Chapter

Here we go with our 24th SMBTS!! and Friday started with hot debatable discussion on the Topic “Context is the king in Social Media”.

There were two different view points , One was “Context is King “ and other was “Content is the King not the Context”

Points Discussed on – Why Context is king??

  • Content is the king but when it comes to Social Media Context becomes the king as context drives relevancy and creates virality and thus efficacy.
  • It is difficult to get visibility in Social Media with just content as you should get content which is interesting and relevant to people you catering to.
  • As context also drives users to engage and can transform people from content consumers into content producers which will further help you to get more importance of your product.
  • Today there is so much Content online and even if you giving best of the content but not satisfying the specific needs of people on Social Media, then they get disinterested and doesn’t even care to read that.
  • Being aggressive is not important, throwing lot of content is not important rather listening is more important which gives you the opportunity to find out what are the most important things for your customers.
  • One should know in Social Media how to go from a piece of content to a conversation, then to a sequence of meaningful exchanges, and from there, engage in the sales process and close the deal.

Points Discussed on – Why Content is king??

  • Quality Content will always be a king and it will have contextual importance for someone even if it is not said in particular context.
  • Context does not hold any importance if it is not quality content.
  • Context has always been there like in Yahoo directories and Context without Content is like empty bucket.
  • Without Content, Context cannot exist. For example we unfollow on twitter who writes bad content even if it is related to some current topic.

So in short we can say a related quality content said in right context is most important to hold your users , your customers in Social Media.

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