26th SMBTS-“Twitter is a news networking site not social networking site”

On the 26th SMBTS the topic was “Twitter is a news networking site not social networking site“, and the discussions started with understanding the difference between “news” and “updates”. Few of us classified those Updates are News which affects millions of people and holds interest of certain community, where as Updates in general are the day to day activities updated by the users which have very limited scope.

As Twitter is much more popular when it comes to celebrity’s updates, the question arises whether the updates made by those celebrities are news or not. Though everybody had a different viewpoint on this but one conclusion was that those celebrity’s updates are relevant to thousands of follower, they may not be News but they are relevant or entertaining  for many. As we proceeded on discussing the trends on Twitter it was observed that many news sites like bbcworld, nytimes, foxnews, mashable etc are much more popular among all audience and are majorly news networking profiles. Apart from daily news other profile which give travel related news like expedia, travelocity etc are all growing. With many example we all realized how easy it became to find relevant news post on Twitter through trending topics, news profiles etc.
At the end we all agreed to that fact that Twitter for news networking is getting bigger then twitter for social networking.

  1. #1 by Martin on October 26, 2010 - 4:11 pm

    Great article on social networking sites coz I am also aspiring to own social site.

    Thanks Mate!

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