Prudent use of humour in Social Media sells-kolkata-chapter

The elements of humour in business promotion and its methodical use for sales growth came to the forefront as the subject of discussion on the 5th edition of the Kolkata chapter of the SMBTS. The tweeple dwelt on the need for including humour as one of the strategies for selling products and how far it is feasible in the long run.


Certain factors that saw a smooth sailing of humour as a major promotion tool include:


  • One can reach customers either by making them cry or making them laugh. It’s better to make them laugh and get your message conveyed.
  • You can take a point from your product and mix that with humour so that the purpose is served.
  • Ascertain the style of humour of your clients and post your messages accordingly.
  • Good humour comes from good observation. Product owners need to observe their target audience before using humour.
  • Humour has to be product-specific and a single style of humour cannot be applied for all categories of products.
  • Chuck Norris and Rajnikanth are instances of how humour has clicked when it comes to selling ideas.


However, on the flip side using humour in the wrong way puts one’s business promotion at stake. Certain points that were discussed in this regard can be mentioned as below:


  • Going overboard with humour does not help in sales.
  • Some things will remain real and will not convert into humour.
  • Tata Docomo is one of the few newcomers which have been using humour for promotion. Not many newcomers dare to use humour.
  • Humour becomes so much dominant that the brand dilute at times. People remember the ad but can’t recall the brand.
  • Humour can’t help you in selling your products if the quality is not taken care of
  • Sometime brands confuse humour with ‘poor jokes’ and that is where filtering content in humour proves essential.


It was concluded that the challenge of using humour in social media is to strike a balance between the humorous and the obnoxious. One of the tweeple rightly remarked, “Market is in people’s mind. So, we need to know minds before using humor for product promotion in social media.” Similarly, humour has the risk of getting monotonous if nothing new is being ideated in a consistent manner. Once the idea is conceived and quality of the product is ensured, humour can be put to good use.

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