27th SMBTS “Adding humor to Social Media can convert in to sales of your business”-Delhi Chapter

On 27th SMBTS hosted by Compare Infobase at Sagar Ratna the topic of discussion was

Adding humor to Social Media can convert in to sales of your business


First we discussed on how humor actually helped so many businesses to grow their sales by quoting example of  movie “Inception” which was promoted on Twitter and tweets were done using its dialogue and adding humor to them made them more affective and it was a trending for a month. Also humor can make your customers cry or laugh which they can relate to their life. Humor in Social Media can act as a viral and hence can gain lot of attention. Humor has to be product-specific and a single style of humor cannot be applied for all categories of products.


Although adding humor and creativity to social efforts can be very effective, there is a risk involved in it. If we see the other picture, it can actually be a threat to your product. Some people might not appreciate humor and therefore product owners need to observe their target audience before using humor. It also depends on kind of product and services you talking about on Social Media and accordingly you should add humor to it.

Another thought came in that Humor in Social Media can promote your product to some extent but sale of your product is very difficult. Also you cannot have B2B marketing or sales by adding humor.

In conclusion we can say that Humor in Social Media can bring attention and can be used as a promotional tool but selling your product is very difficult and moreover humor has risk involved in it which can give threat to your product and going overboard with humor does not help in sales

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