28th SMBTS “Is Twitter losing ground”?

On 28th SMBTS hosted by Compare Infobase at Sagar Ratna the topic of discussion was

“Is Twitter losing ground??”

Discussion started whether Twitter is actually losing its ground or it just that it is growing at slow pace or may be it is in stagnant stage. Three types of users were discussed:

Type 1 – ‘fair weather friends / users’ of Twitter who came and went. They came to promote something and disappeared after the purpose was met / not met for eg: Mallika Sherawat for HISS

Type 2 – ‘Obsessed users’ who eat, sleep, drink Twitter – the techies. viz – TechCruch, Mashable, etc. For them, possibly Twitter’s obsession has only grown further.

Type 3 – ‘Casual users’ who use for both business and pleasure. Who aren’t loyal to twitter alone but they toy around with other SM tools / platforms. For this group, Twitter is somewhere losing out its ground.

Also the new Interface of Twitter is sensible to techies but complex for casual users.

In conclusion we can say that Social Media is growing at such a good pace but Twitter is somewhere losing that pace. Twitter is like that F1 where the driver is getting fatigued and need to pickup before crashing out. It is facing the challenge of being in Top and being best among other competitors but definitely not going to die.

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