SMBTS-“Is Twitter losing ground is the question of the hour”-Kolkata Chapter

Is Twitter losing ground is the question of the hour

The 6th edition of the Kolkata chapter of SMBTS concerned itself with a very important issue: whether Twitter is losing its originality, whether it is morphing into a supposed social networking site; where people are talking about things that are singularly important in opposition to sharing views and knowledge on issues and topics that are important at a macro level.

As is normally the case with the Kolkata chapters there were plenty of views and opinions opposing and supporting the decision. The ones for the motion had thus to say:

• Twitter started off being a platform for sharing knowledge and/or views but now chatting, in its crudest form, has taken over
• Twitter was never certified as a social networking site to begin with
• Twitter is not really a platform for absolutely personal information like condition of pets or oneself and so on and so forth
• Twitter has indeed changed but the question is whether it is for the better? Or is it still in a state of evolution…..
• Twitter used to say before “what you are doing” and Tweeple talked about what was happening everywhere. Now it asks “what’s happening?” but Tweeple are talking about themselves.

However, the ones on the other side of the fence had their say as well:

• Twitter is not losing any ground, if seen especially from the point of view of interacting with fellow Tweeple
• Twitter is a social networking site, hence people are far more inclined to interact rather than concern themselves with matters of macrocosmic importance
• Twitter offers a daily dose – be it movies, humor, sports and politics
• Twitter is a dynamic platform, the pattern of timeline can and would change depending on the issues that are being talked
• Twitter cannot be controlled – it all depends on the mindset of Tweeple
• Tweeple cannot be directed
• Twitter is all about choice
• Tweeple have changed but that does not mean the platform can be said to have degraded
• Twitter still offers relevant information
• Twitter also offers one a platform to develop and market a product

One of the major indicators of the dual nature of the discussion was a confusion regarding the very nature of Twitter – a micro blogging site or a platform for social networking. For the first time ever in SMBTS though there was no resolution and a conclusion was yet to be arrived at. Would Twitter keep on shifting its focus, with the Tweeple’s changing preferences and views? Keep watching this space for more….

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