One Bad KISS and you are out of the relationship ……..

(With contributions from @damananand, @kaushikpal, @khushbu100, @manisingh, @puneet_bajaj, @saumyaagg and @simarp …. arranged alphabetically, not in terms of quantum of contribution !!!)

The 29th SMBTS session had the organizer and participants having detailed discussion on how to KISS. Various instances from personal experience, observations and study were shared that were agreed upon by most of the participants in the session. Few conclusions reached by the participants were as:

1. KISS was always the mantra since times immemorial.

2. KISS is always followed in designing, sculptures, architecture and communication (both at professional and personal levels).

3. Twitter is KISS inherent. And has been exceptionally effective too for that reason!!!

4. Different groups / communities would react differently to your KISS. One KISS may not serve all and have the same goodness effect on all the people / communities.

5. KISS should be infectious. That will make it effective.

6. KISS and Tell. Keep the tale interesting and engaging.

7. KISS needs to be consistent and strategy-driven. Too many KISS may spoil the effect though. Too less, may result in drop-outs.

8. Not being able to manage / proceed beyond the KISS can be dampner. Need to move beyond to make it effective.

9. STATUTORY WARNING – One bad KISS can throw you out of the relationship forever.

(PS – The opinions and views expressed in the above observations on KISS: Keep it Short and Shareable; have been made in the purview of effectiveness of Online Social Media communication / campaigns only. Any close resemblance to any offline action / initiative of similar nature is purely incidental and should not be considered as part of conclusions drawn. We strongly believe that the views expressed above does not jeopardize or hamper the operations in the Offline space on similar pursuits.)

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