SMBTS-Is social media driving innovation or is it all talk? Kolkata Chapter

The eighth chapter of the Kolkata edition of the Social Media Breakfast organised by Twitsnaps centered around the issue of social media being a driving force behind innovation and its focus on discussions and communication.

As always the discussion threw up some divergent and interesting viewpoints. There were some participants who agreed that social media, especially Twitter, has indeed led Tweeple to evolve. Some of their viewpoints may be enumerated as below:

• Social media, especially Twitter, offers a limited space. Therefore to garner attention you have to be relevant in that short span. Web writing has become crisper and generic has been replaced by specific as a result of social media.
• Social media is a combination of both talk and innovation
• Social media has brought innovation in the ways we connect through live tweeting, sharing of real time information and updates
• Talk and innovation cannot exist without each other in social media
• Innovation in social media is not limited to technology
• Social media provides the core opportunity innovation for enterprises by providing a platform for communication with existing and prospective customers

However there were opinions on the contrary:

• Social media, especially Twitter can engage popular discussion but not innovation.
• Innovation in social media requires sustenance, should not become a viral
• Social media, especially Twitter drives business more than innovation
• Social media, specially Twitter, has been unable to create the need for innovation
• Social media is all about connection, which begins through communication. Hence social media is primarily about talks

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