30th SMBTS “Social Media – Driving Innovation or Just Talk?” -Delhi Chapter

Cheers to Social Media Breakfast!!
On 30th SMBTS hosted by Compare Infobase at Sagar Ratna the topic of discussion was

Social Media – Driving Innovation or Just Talk

Discussion started whether Social Media is driving innovation or it just a talk or we can say it has done some kind of technology innovation other than just communication.

There were two kinds of views, one who thinks that yes it actually bringing innovation:

• Twitsnaps and twitpic are innovations which are derived
• Quora is another kind of innovation which is a question answer database.
• Social media has also brought innovation in a way we connect through live tweeting, sharing of real time information and updates
• Social Media has forced Google to come up with Google Real time Search.

But on the other side, very few companies have actually derived innovation through Social Media in a way they promote their product and also if we talk about masses then Social Media who could not derived innovation to that extent. Majority of companies have asked for ideas in general just to say they are innovating. Also Social media is all about connection, which begins through communication and sharing information. Not much of innovation has yet happened.

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