32nd Social Media Breakfast-Social Media Addictions for Mobile Devices- A Necessity or a Necessity Evil? -Delhi Chapter

On 32nd SMBTS hosted by Compare Infobase at Sagar Ratna the topic of discussion was
“Social Media Addictions for Mobile Devices- A Necessity or a Necessity Evil?”

In discussion most of the people agreed that it’s a necessity and it has helped in many ways as you have faster way of communication and thus help in connecting your customer 24*7.

The positive side of social media addiction on mobile device came with these points:

• One can cash Businesses in on social media addiction. As you can spend time with the clients who stay hooked on to social media be it via PCs or via mobile.
• Faster way of communication at 24*7
• The world is currently in the midst of the 5th major technology cycle. More users will connect to Internet over mobile devices than PCs.
• Cell phone ownership is nearly ubiquitous among teens and young adults and thus you can easily cache that addiction for business
• It’s a comfort, to communicate or to stay in touch.
• It is the newness in mobile applications on social media that actually calls for excess attention. The urge to know and the scope to explore something new makes the users stay glued onto it and then helping them in many ways.
• If there is a time difference between you and your customer, Social Media on mobile has helped them.

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