35th SMBTS Social Media Trends for the Year 2011-Delhi Chapter

On 35th SMBTS hosted by Twitsnaps website owned by Compare Infobase at Café Coffee Day, topic of discussion was “Social Media Trends for the Year 2011

In discussion most of the people came up with so many trends of Social Media of 2011 and we discussed, debated and argued on the same.
Following are the points:

Group Buying
Sites like Groupon that sell for discounts if you get your friends to “group”
together to buy a product or service will be a major trend in Social Media in 2011,
this can further take a big picture.

• Google can come with major buying of Social Media like they did in the past for Youtube and can overtake facebook

Question and Answer sites which will create a boom where we can make real decisions based on recommendations from their virtual friends. Site like Quora which are based on Social Q/A concept.

Social Commerce
Social commerce is becoming a big buzz word. It’s been around since eBay went
online, but it was very informal back then, without a name attached to it, and today
it is very formal and people are conscious of the influence of social media in their
buying decisions.
We can expect social commerce to become really big in 2011

• We can expect social media groups to be predominantly accessed from handheld devices and to be geared more towards sharing images and videos.

No surprise our phones are becoming like third hands for most of us. They’l
become more important than our laptops and other devices for accessing Social
Media and begin thinking about how to accept payments via an application on the

Social Gaming
There is a possibility of some website declaring an Olympics for social media
games enthusiasts, and millions of people will participate in them, changing the
way games have been played in this world

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