Google is social, but not a thought leader in social media domain-14th SMBTS Kolkata Chapter

Can Google be Social was the question we delved on during the 14th edition of SMBTS Kolkata chapter. The attendees were divided in their opinions with most objecting the fact that Google is yet to become social. The discussion directed towards Google’s effort to step into another social experiment with GoogleMe and how it has been striving since it came up with the search engine service. This is how the winds changed in favour and against the idea whether Google can get social.

• There is a need to draw an analogy between Google as a search engine and a social media tool.

• Some are of the notion that Google may be technologically far ahead of his competitors but it lacks that drive to come up with a dedicated social networking site in lines with Facebook and Twitter.

• Google definitely understands social media but they are far from being thought leaders and lead innovators in this context.

• Social media has attracted people with its set of features and brand value. Google needs to introduce such features in order to compete.

Google found some sympathizers in this regard with many offline and online responses asserting the role it is playing in the social media domain.

• Google tried to become social in the very beginning when it launched its search engine. However, its attempt to become completely social was evident after it showcased products like, Orkut, YouTube, Buzz, Blogspot, Wave and many others.
• Social is when you are catering to the mass and Google is already doing that. Especially with its new search preview feature.
• Google’s forte is to be on the top in the science of search engine and that is another essential way of connecting with the web users and getting social.

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