36th SMBTS- Can Google get Social ??? -Delhi Chapter

Here we go with our 37th SMBTS with very interesting topic-Can Google get Social??. Topic started with lot of points against Google where it started with Social Media and could not succeed.

So many attempts to get into social of Google have failed in past. Failure of products like Wave, Buzz, Lively, Voice, OpenSocial and others. No one argues that Google has mastered search, video and mobile or we can master of technology but when it comes to Social , Google never came up with good innovation. But on contrary why Google need to get social?? when it can easily buy like they did for youtube which is now best Video sharing site. Also they offered Groupon 6 billion Dollar which shows they can easliy acquire Social Products but surviving becomes a big question as they launch Orkut very early in the social media era, but those sites remained outposts completely unrelated to consumers’ primary Google experience.

In conclusion, we feel that Google wasnt born social, but Google can achieve what it makes to be social or have social thrust upon itself (through acquisition)”

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