16th SMBTS “SEM, SEO, SMO – all have defined ways of fetching ROI” Kolkata Chapter

Since optimization has become the order of the day and visibility is a major concern for the companies thriving on online domain, the need to pay individual attention to SEO, SEM and SMO is obvious.

Today’s discussion was directed towards the worthiness of each strategy in driving better ROI. The common opinion that surfaced is the need for a marketing mix. After delving on the fact that none of the mechanism can bring the traffic alone, it came to pass that the kind of brands being promoted and type of audience a company is looking for are key factors that determine the approach.

Some of the thoughts emerged out of the discussion:

• SMO directly targets audience and not an intermediary as SEO does.
• SMO is a study of users’ interest. It works towards activating their desire to buy.
• Making a company and creating a company is different. Build your company with SEO and SEM. Make it brand with the use of SMO.
• If you are a startup you need to spend more money on marketing (SEM). The established brands should look for SMO
• B2B companies don’t fall back much on SMO. It is the B2C companies who feel SMO is their cup of tea.
• Nature of SEO has changed a lot.
• SMO won’t work if you don’t have great content at place.
• The ads put up in Facebook have more chances of getting clicked than the sponsored ads in the websites.

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