17th SMBTS – Who owns Social Media in a business? Sales, Marketing or PR?

We approached the 17th SMBTS with a lot of interest as the topic – Who owns Social Media in a business? Sales, Marketing or PR? was interesting enough to turn a lot of heads.

The following are points raised in what was an engrossing discussion:

• Social Media in business may act as a separate entity but needs close cooperation from all the other departments that includes Sales, Marketing and PR.
• Social Media in business necessarily play the role of a catalyst to marketing, PR and sales strategies.
• A number of case studies were put forward to define the success of using Social Media as a Marketing Tool. Success stories of Dell, Coca Cola were shared to prove the efficacy of using social media in generating huge revenue.
• It’s still early stage to gauge the viability of a dedicated social media department in corporate houses.
• In case of inception of a dedicated Social Media department, it needs to have social media experts who will execute their work with valuable inputs from other departments.

As a conclusion, “who owns social media” is equivalent to “who owns e-mail”. Operation of a social media department depends on the performance of other departments like sales, marketing and PR. It is almost same like the other departments as they also require proper collaboration to function effectively.

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