39th SMBTS-“Who owns Social Media in a business? Sales, Marketing or PR?”

On 39th SMBTS hosted by Twitsnaps website owned by Compare InfoBase at Café Coffee Day, topic of discussion was “Who owns Social Media in a business? Sales, Marketing or PR?”

Following are the points discussed:

• Social Media in a business should present all across the organization as in it needs cooperation from all the departments that include Sales, Marketing and PR as well as HR.
• But we need a separate department which is responsible for account and handling operations of Social Media Business. For Example- facebook and twitter pages details
• Also many organizations go for recruitment through Social Media and more than an HR person , a Marketing or PR person can handle recruitment on Social Media.
• Moreover, Social Media is at growing stage so we need to look whether we should or shouldn’t have separate entity.
• Social Media is derived by all three Sales, Marketing and PR but to own all the operations and executions across departments, we need separate Social Media entity in business.
• Getting your various divisions working together becomes difficult so for having more focused social media in business and also for cross departments communication we need a separate entity.

In conclusion the idea is that the people most passionate about social media would “take ownership” seems like it would be a natural step, but at the same time, there must be guidelines in place for organization-wide efforts and ownership holder who handles all account details.

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