40th SMBTS-Best Practices for Managing & Protecting Business Reputation Online on Social Media-Delhi Chapter

Cheers! We are proud to complete our 40 Social Media Breakfasts

On 40th SMBTS hosted by Twitsnaps website owned by Compare InfoBase at Cafe Coffee Day, topic of discussion was “Best Practices for Managing & Protecting Business Reputation Online on Social Media
Following are the points discussed:

• Social Media monitoring is very important to protect and manage your Business reputation online
• Provide early warning systems for reactive Public Relations
• Visibility and high search engine indexing with good publicity which displaces negative publicity should be the goal. This results in increase in positive web presence, helping you own top spots in search engine rankings.
• We should always replace the negativity with positivity, so we should react with positivity and positive publicity in order to protect our brand.
• You should not praise your product always on our own, rather you should let other say and then you can publicize it.
• Always create uniform experience across online platforms which make a strong brand image on your customers mind.
• Make Social media marketing an important tool in maximizing positive references, creating online identities and solving online reputation management problems by using social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other collaborative Internet form of media for reputation management.
• You can also use some automated products which tells who is talking about you, your brand, company or products on websites, videos, news, blogs and social networks.
• Also make a blog or platform where you can announce your updates and also handle negative publicity by writing story of what exactly is the truth.

In conclusion the idea is that one should make good publicity to displace the negative publicity on Social Media and creating a uniform experience all across the web of your product which will help in making a brand image.

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