Do Businesses need to outsource Content Development for their Web presence?

Writing is not just an art but also a science as far as marketing is concerned. A product/ service has to be portrayed both beautifully and sagaciously so that it sells itself. Content is one of the most important elements in a website. For this “process” one might require a professional support. Content helps in search engine optimization and increasing traffic. Content development in virtual world is done in blogs, articles, press releases, discussion boards, social media marketing etc… Content has to be of great impact in the company’s main website. This helps in forming the best possible image about the company in the visitors mind.

Outsourcing of content can happen because of various reasons. The company might not have a Content Writing Wing to produce quality content on a regular basis. The absence of such a team will affect a company’s reputation management and marketing department deeply.

Another reason could be that the company might require writers with expertise in a particular field. Writers must have product knowledge, profound knowledge about the industry, and must have the ability to write innovatively. For example while writing for a Pharmaceutical company the writer must be well versed in the field and must be abreast with the latest developments in the field.

Companies might outsource their content development needs if the content writers available are very expensive. A company might be in a growing stage and might not have a budget to either start a separate content development wing or to hire content writers in their country. These companies outsource their content development needs.

Outsourcing fetches quality service on time in a lesser budget. Expert content developers think innovative and deliver the best. Outsourcing is the best option when there are online campaigns to be carried out. Crusades of content required might require more people penning their thoughts. This will help get maximum traffic.

India is chosen for outsourcing by most of the English speaking countries. The main reason behind being the educated English speaking population, advanced in terms of media and technology and cheap labour. This means quality services without being harsh on the budget. Business Writing, Journalistic Writing, Technical Writing, Magazine Articles, Newsletters, White Paper Research and Technology writing etc are mainly outsourced to India

Compare Infobase has a rich history in providing quality services to the best industry players. There is a separate specialized Content Development team in Kolkata. Based upon the activities of the centre, its rightly called as the Content Knowledge Centre Kolkata (CKCK). It is a think tank where ideas generate and conceptualize. Compare Infobase provides content writing services for websites, blogs and articles. The centre has worked for global clients including Travelocity, Asiarooms, Future Years LLC, Side Show Ventures LLC etc. The centre also works on assignment based Content Developed Services for global clients.

If you are contemplating of encompassing your target audience and seeking their attention through researched content, feel free to contact our marketing team at / 9871399011. We will be glad to evaluate your requirements and present a Business Note on the same.

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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