20th Chapter of Kolkata SMBTS: How successful LinkedIn has been in India?

New Delhi, Feb 18: The participants at 20th edition of the Kolkata SMBTS engaged on a discussion centering the impact LinkedIn has created vis-à-vis Indian professionals. Following are some of the points that were talked about in the session:

• LinkedIn does not provide information on whom to follow. It is a major drawback
• LinkedIn does not give sufficient information on jobs based in India.
• Usage of relevant links and anchor text in LinkedIn needs to be explored more often by professionals
• Indian professionals do not look to spend money on LinkedIn.
• Recommendations on LinkedIn are given after a lot of thought but people perhaps pay less attention when referring people on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.
• Professional referrals on LinkedIn are of not much value if they are generic in nature.
• LinkedIn remains largely unexplored in India as the lines between personal and professional lives are not that distinct.
• LinkedIn has been unable to penetrate. It still caters to a select audience.
• Statistically LinkedIn is highly rated but the engagement levels are not that high.
• People in India have not realized the huge potential of LinkedIn. Online content need not be limited only to entertainment and news.
• Reliability of LinkedIn recommendations with regards to employers.
• LinkedIn does not really promote itself like other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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