41st SMBTS Delhi-A StartUp Entrepreneurs’s Quest: How to Generate RoI through Social Media?

On 41st SMBTS hosted by Twitsnaps website owned by Compare InfoBase at Cafe Coffee Day, topic of discussion was “A StartUp Entrepreneurs’s Quest: How to Generate ROI through Social Media?”
Following are the points discussed:

• A startup Entrepreneur should do the social media on its own instead of outsourcing it because you need passion for promoting your product on Social Media.
• Do Social Media with the clear objective whether you want to promote for sales, branding or just web presence.
• Use Social Media platform to develop relationship with your customers and then talk about your product and brand
• You can generate ROI in form of web presence, in form of traffic on site example and in form of branding.
• Social Media is a necessity for each and every business now as it is cost effective and very viral. One can easily promote its product.
• One should measure their ROI which you can do by various tools like google analytics and many more.
• One should be passionate about its product and they should promote it with that passion only.
• Identify your target , segment and promote your product accordingly.

In conclusion the idea is internet is very effective vehicle for advertising and having presence on Social Media has become very important for each and every business. So social media to Entrepreneur’s isn’t just an option anymore, it’s a necessity.

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