Is your company ready for the LinkedIn era?

Social networking has given life a different dimension! It has created a replica of physical society in a virtual platform. People, companies, groups and foundations exist in both physical and virtual worlds now. How one portrays one and how one utilizes social networks is up to his or her needs. A corporate entity in society may use various social networks to cater to its various needs, basically for staying connected.

Social networks enables companies to share selective information, that information which plays a major role in molding the perception about the company. Social network boom started in the last decade a number of social networking sites emerged, some for personal, some for professional and some in general. LinkedIn is one among them. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn now has more than 60 million members. It pitched in as a social networking site for professionals and still maintains this status. Most of the executives in Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members. Adding on to this fact, every second, a new member joins LinkedIn. With so many professionals online, it makes itself the best platform for Business-to-business networking.

Grabbing an opportunity on LinkedIn is never difficult as one can get so many connections. Professionals can promote their company by putting the company URL and also posting about the blog. Any company can get started with the promotional or marketing activities with a representative starting a personal account and then creating a group for the brand, or adding the company. One can start discussions, share news, post jobs and create subgroups. A LinkedIn company profile will carry

· Information about the company.
· Location
· Industry
· Recommendations
· Company website
· Keywords
· Experience
· Contact

The representative’s profile using which the group is as important as that of the company as it is linked to the group always. Any person willing to join the group will first have a view of the representative’s profile. Hence the representative’s profile must be rich in company information, URL links, captions, pictures, Blog URLs, key words etc. There are applications available, like, Slideshare, Company Buzz, TripIt etc, which the user can use to optimize. The person handling must engage frequently in sync with other networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The blog updates must be updated simultaneously.

LinkedIn was used primary for recruitment purpose and now it has launched a beta level service that lets companies promote their products and services, and show customer recommendations for each product or service. LinkedIn offers two ways to promote the company, via a “direct ad” for the company or a branded product or service, or a special promotional offer associated with a specific product or service. LinkedIn is a huge resource of information and helps find authentic business partners. It is basically used either to get in touch with or to do a background search. Hence a Company profile must be rich in accurate information, and flaunt their recommendations. LinkedIn thus becomes a favourite for the small firms who cannot afford much for marketing and recruitment purposes.

With the kind of reputation LinkedIn has got, the business deals attained through it are perceived to be genuine. There are plenty of success stories shared by LinkedIn on their site ( Businesses depend on Social Networking largely these days, either for searching business partners, employees or for background search. LinkedIn when used to the fullest will definitely help organizations taste success.

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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