PCs and Tablets: Can the two be compared?

This has been going on in my mind for quite some time now.

In the last 2 decades w have moved from Telephones to desktops, desktops to mobile phones, mobile phones to laptops, laptops to tablets. The last 2 transitions are relatively recent and are huge jumps from one technology to another. Tablets belong to this very generation.And, now it is endangering the very existence of our dear old PCs.

Apple Tablet

People are loving smart sleek device; the IT world has been swept away by the tablet storm where all kinds of manufacturers from mobile phones to PC’s to chipmakers are battling to lead this segment.

The feeling is being reciprocated by consumers too; people from all age brackets are enthusiastically purchasing the tablets, and the range of tablets available in the market is alarming, after the umpteen launches at the CES.

But, the question which looms large is “Are we over-estimating the tablet”. Can it really lead to the PC’s to extinct?

Let us weigh options. The tablets without a doubt are a great device for consumption of media. But then what about creation? Hasn’t creation on and off the PCs lead to inception of the tablet? Can we see a similar invention on a tablet? Probably no.. How many software can we operate on the tablet?

The tablets enable us to surf the internet and perform basic MS office like operations. Spreadsheets, documents, large images, professional videos and exemplified sounds; should not we miss them? Our large RAMs, our quick processors and of course a grand display, we will lose it all if tablets engulf PCs.

The point is, that it is a rare possibility for tablets to extinguish PCs, because they are too small a device to clash with – The desktop. Creation begins here as we think of innovation and execute them on our PC’s who have so much to offer in terms of extending our creativity. Let’s take Photoshop; we make such amazing things here. Even children use the software to make projects for their school homework. Tablets do not support such sophisticated software.

The PC offers also a luxurious keypad and a movable mouse, whereas the tablet has a very compact touchpad, which makes life difficult when it comes to typing and scrolling.

Are we ready to make the compromise of doing away with our laptop’s completely? A better proposition is mutual co-existence. Atleast until tablets overcome these shortcomings which have been mentioned.

Offices, students, professionals from varied fields need the PC no matter how they are undermined. They constitute the population. How can Steve Jobs label PC’s as trucks which people don’t need?

We surely want to see many more breath-taking inventions like of the tablets. Then, why are we questioning the relevance of PCs?

What we should do is welcome the new generation of tablets but at the same time respect the older generation of PCs too, they are much more matured in their functioning like in real life.

We still after all believe in “Old is Gold”.

What do you think…??

– Komal Arora
Manager Technologies
Compare Infobase Limited

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