44th SMBTS- “Social Media Identity is not Real” -The Delhi Chapter

The 44th SMBTS hosted by Twitsnaps website owned by Compare Infobase at Cafe Coffee Day, discussed on the topic “Social Media Identity is not Real.”. The meet up discussed on whether the Social Media Identity / Assets of a Corporate or an individual reflects its ‘true identity’, A big question arises that is whether Social Media is bringing in a ‘social change’ in behaviour at the micro and macro level?

Following are the points that emerged during the course of the discussion:
• There are instances of Individuals or Corporate Identities portraying a wrong picture of what they are / belong to in actual.
• However a forced identity cannot be retained for long and after a duration Individuals / Corporates Social Identities will start reflecting their true self.
• Regular posts or updates will stop people or Corporates from being artificial or acting on the Social Media with a particular motive. Hence profiles that are regular in updates or posts can be considered to be more reliable and trustworthy.
• Poor social media profiles result in negative impact. Corporates should refrain from using their Digital Assets to “serve a purpose; more so if its only commercial”.
• The updates show transparency in dealing and how efficient the companies are.
• Profiles must have balanced posting/ updates. Continued posting or updates about one particular idea/event will turn off the followers with other interests.
• Social media profiles can be used with a problem solving strategy. Lot of objectives can be set and achieved through social media profiles.
• It is very necessary to know why someone stops following an official page or an individual profile.

Concluding the 44th SMBTS meet up, it can be said that profiles that are up-to-date are trustworthy since the Corporate profiles may be serving ‘an objective’ or “are eager to talk to a niche audience to generate net worth values to their bottom-line”. However, the real self of these profiles, be it Corporate or individual, will surface over a period of time. This can be noticed by carefully studying the various posts and updates made by them on various digital assets.

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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