24th Chapter of Kolkata SMBTS: Using third party application for maintaining digital asset: Pros and cons

The bone of contention in today’s discussion was whether third party applications like HootSuite and TweetDeck are effective in handling the multiple digital assets of an organization. It was a lopsided affair. A question that cropped up in the middle of the discussion was why will some not use third party application if it helps in managing four or five social networks at one go? Question of authenticity was raised by some.

Conflicting opinions among pro and anti-third party applications get the discussion going.

Following ideas emanated out of the discourse:
· Businesses get the privilege of integrating multiple social networks into one manageable location.
· Third party applications have schedule tweets option which enables every business to provide new and fresh Twitter content any time of the day.
· TweetDeck saves time, increases one’s productivity. It is an aid to social media management.
· Hootsuite tracking helps one in getting comprehensive data about the number of clicks one’s tweets have got and the geographical location of many.
· Success stories of RockMelt and Chrome Bird were also discussed.

Counter-opinions surfaced on this issue with some not advocating the idea of using third party applications:
· If an online brand knows how to tackle multiple social networks, the need for third party applications doesn’t arise. Automated handling of digital assets is not preferred.
· Twitter web gives you the real feeling.
· Twitter banned three major third party applications in February. UberTwitter is one of them.

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