What is ‘Digg’ing?


Digg.com is a social news website. It is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. Digg.com boasts of having the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog. It showcases the best stuff as voted on by its users.

It provides best news, videos and pictures on the web as voted on by the Digg community (Digg users). It has breaking news on Technology, Politics, Science, World & Business, Videos, Entertainment and Gaming as well as a View All section where all categories are merged.

Digg provides a platform where people can collectively determine the value of content. The Digg community submits everything from news to videos to images. Once something is submitted, other people see it and ‘Digg’ what they like best. If a particular submission receives enough Diggs, it is promoted to the front page for the millions of visitors of digg.com to see it thus increasing traffic for user’s website.

That’s not all, there’s a conversation that happens around the content through comments, Facebook , twitter share etc. Digg users can discuss the topics that they’re passionate about among themselves. You can always find something interesting and unique on digg.com. So any piece of information or knowledge can become the next big thing through digg.

The Digg integration with Facebook connect allows users of Digg and Facebook to connect their accounts. When a Facebook account is connected to a Digg account, Digg articles can then be shared on the user’s Facebook page. Facebook Connect also allows Facebook users to log into Digg with their Facebook account only.

It also has Digg Dialogg which allows Digg users to submit questions to a preselected famous individual who agrees to do an interview with a reporter chosen by Digg.

It has an iPhone app, Android app and the mobile version of the website can be reached at m.digg.com.

Effective use of digg for many of our website will definitely help up increase traffic for our websites.

– Komal Arora
Manager – Technologies
Compare Infobase Limited

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