46th SMBTS- “Can Blogging survive in the new phase of microblogging, instant posts, mobile updates etc.? ” -The Delhi Chapter

The 46th Social Media Breakfast hosted by Twitsnaps, owned by Compare Infobase kicked off at Sagar Ratna, Janak Puri west, at 8:30 AM. The MeetUp debated on the topic “Can Blogging survive in the new phase of microblogging, instant posts, mobile updates etc.?” Unlike the last few Meetups this Meetup was special as the group debated relishing the delicious South Indian cuisine. The MeetUp’s primary concern was whether microblogging would surpass blogging, in this world crowded with microblogging sites.

Following points were of great concern during the course of discussion:

Puneet, Aashish and Simar listening...

People who agreed that blogging could survive microblogging put forth the following points.
· Blogging provides extensive knowledge and sights to any topic in any categories, which microblogging cannot do.
· Quality of blog contributes much to networking and penetration. When quality blogs are posted regularly a regular audience will start reading them and will also suggest them to others. Thus increasing the number of readers.
· Many blogs are posted simultaneously or in short intervals, this feature makes it look like a regularly updated website, that provides information.
· A blogger who knows all the functionality of the blogging site will definitely be able to pitch his blog and find audience provided the content is good.

Kaushik expressing his views

Members who disagreed had the following points to make:
· Though through blogs bloggers express themselves, where as microblogging is good for quick and short communication. microblogging sites thrive on the fact that people want quick information in a short span.
· People find microblogging perfect as far as keeping in touch with kit and kin is concerned. Hence microblogging is more live and penetrating.
· Common people do not know much about the benefits blogging. They are carried away by the user-friendly nature of the microblogging sites and forums.
· Social networking sites like Facebook is brining in features like “Notes” where in a user can write to his heart’s content and post about it so that his friends can read.
· Growing usage of social networking sites on mobile phones will only encourage people to use quick and short posts that are possible on Twitter and Facebook.
· Attention span in today’s generation is decreasing this is a major disadvantage a blog has over microblogging.
· Many bloggers have switched to Twitter and Facebook because of easy usage and swift nature. They help bloggers to push their blogs.

Winding up the 46th SMBTS, Meetup agreed on the point that both microblogging and blogging will coexist and will have their own audience. Microblogging will definitely continue to support blogger in promoting the blog. In near future quality information provided on blog will be more trusted as compared to websites as the search quality and user behavior is changing.

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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