Quantcast says its 784 for MapsofWorld.com!

It is celebration time as MapsofWorld.com was ranked 784th on Quantcast last Friday, its highest feat ever! MapsofWorld.com now surpasses Lonelyplanet.com, Mashable.com, Encyclopedia.com, hi5.com, Alexa.com and Sony.com. MapsofWorld.com is becoming a favourite among the masses as it provides not just a 360 degree mapping solutions but also travel related services, bookings and exhaustive travel information; information on Stock Market, Financial Institutions, World Economy, Corporate Finance, Investment and Finance, and an online store (Store.Mapsofworld.com) that spreads before its users a wide range of maps and map related accessories.

Compare Infobase Limited is proud of MapsofWorld.com and the team of employees whose perseverance is highly appreciable.
And on Friday, 25th March, it was celebration time at Compare Infobase Limited. The entire team of MapsofWorld.com was ready for the bash!

Here is a picture tour…

The Mapsofworld Team

Kapil munching on chips, as Ankush looks at him

Neerja, Komal and Premila enjoying the fun!

Fries and smiles!

Khushbu taking a bite

The Trio behind it all Simar, Sharad ji and Mani

About Mapsofworld.com

MapsofWorld.com, Your window to the world, has been conceived, designed and owned by Compare Infobase Limited, and managed by MapXL Inc – which represents the portal in the global market. Since its inception in 2003, Mapsofworld.com has grown phenomenally – in terms of information as well reach. It has been serving quality maps of 192 countries ranging from political, physical to varied thematic maps and free downloadable maps.

With a staggering 70,000 pages of quality content and over 8000 maps, the site attracts over 190,000 visitors every day and has a Quantcast rank of 784. Apart from maps, it has a dedicated section on USA maps, covering its cities and counties and provides maps in various languages like German and Spanish.

We are globally renowned for mapping solutions and authentic information on a plethora of relevant topics. This user-friendly portal offers a comprehensive range of information about the world in the form of easily understandable map images. Besides being a treasure trove for all kinds of global maps, Mapsofworld.com also provides ready-made and custom maps for publishing, data sets, GIS services and content development services across all industry segments.

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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